KAN-therm: KAN H2O
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Program Audytor H2O is meant for graphical aiding of cold- and hot water systems design, as well as circulation in both dwelling- and public buildings. Allows selection of thermostatic valves in circulation systems.

The program enables performing the complete hydraulic calculations for the system, within which it:
  • Estimates calculation waterflow in the pipes.
  • Selects pipe diameters.
  • Estimates hydraulic resistance of individual system components, together with required disposable pressure.
  • Selects pressure governors.
  • Performs water flows control in the circulation domestic hot water system, by selecting suitable governing components(initial preset valves, orifices, thermostatic valves)
  • computes the required domestic hot water circulation system water flows by the thermal method.
  • selects three-way mixing valves for the domestic hot water system
  • selects heat insulation for the pipes

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