KAN-therm: User manuals
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User manuals



Set of tools for assembly KAN-therm Push / Push Platinum

Expander and Pusher Tool
Novopress AAP102
, AXI102

Rems Power Press
Drive Unit (ZAPR01)
Accu Press (ZAPRAK)

Press machine
Novopress AFP101

Press machine
Novopress ECO 301

Press machine
Novopress ACO 401

Press machine
Klauke UAP 100

Jaws maintenance

Pipe cutter
Rems Cento

Tacker for clips

pipe decoiler

Plastic Tacker




InoxFlow RBB RNN


Manifolds InoxFlow USFP USVP

Manifolds InoxFlow UVN,UFN

anifolds 73 and 77

Manifolds N75A

71A, 75A, 51A, 55A

Manifolds N75AS

Manifolds N75ES




Single circuit manifold Manifolds S10 and S20 Manifolds 61, 74, 81 Manifolds 91

Pump mixing units and accessories


Pump group manual
K-803000 K803001 K803002

Temperature controller
with contact sensor


System KAN-therm SMART


Servomotor SMART 24V

Servomotor SMART 230V

Strip KAN-therm SMART


Thermostat KAN-therm SMART

External aerial

Signal transmitter (Repeater)

EZR-Manager (SMART
management automation )

KAN Smart Control
Mobile App

System KAN-therm BASIC+

Servomotor SMART 24V

Servomotor SMART 230V

Thermostat Basic+
with LCD 230V/24V
- use

Termostat Basic+
with LCD 230V/24V
- installation

Analogue thermostat
Basic+ 230V

Analogue thermostat
Basic+ 24V )

Strip Basic+ 230/24V
– 6zones/10zones)

KAN-therm BASIC Automation System

Strip KAN-therm Basic 230/24V
(withdrawn from offer)


Other equipment and accessories

Frost-free garden tap AQS-DN15

Fittings installation manual





Cabinets and installation boxes

Cabinets installation manual

Residential manifolds unit

Watertight drip tray manual 

Frame watertight cabinet manual


Universal watertight cabinet manual



In-wall watertight cabinet UP


Concrete Additive

BETOKAN 0.1004 5Kg
Concrete additive reducing needed water volume.

BETOKAN 0.1005 10Kg
Concrete additive reducing needed
water volume.




Transport and storage instruction
of KAN-therm 
PP System

Axial compensators

Manual of balancing valves pre-set for InoxFlow manifolds