KAN-therm: KAN-therm warehouse and office in Hungary
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KAN-therm warehouse and office in Hungary

KAN Company keeps its pace. In April 2017, barely three years after opening the high storage warehouse in Hungary, we met our first customers at the new office in Biatorbágy, near Budapest.

The new KAN-therm Hungary Kft company is an answer to the increasing interest in our offer in Southern and Central Europe. The purpose of the warehouse and the new office is not only to store goods and prepare offers, but also to facilitate the professional order handling not only from Hungary, but also from Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia or Slovenia.

– Both objects have been built with a view to the comfortable service of our existing and potential customers. We are pleased that it enables us to fulfill orders while paying attention to the highest quality standards at our company, achieved in 27 years of operation – explains Mr Sebastian Kaczan, Director of Trade and Marketing.

With our employees and customers in mind

The company employees and customers have at their disposal an open space office and a training hall – the areas for meetings, establishing business contacts, developing sales team action strategy and efficient fulfilling of orders. Both areas, with total space of 155 m2, were arranged in a friendly and functional way, conformable with KAN visual standards. We are certain that KAN customers will feel great there.

Warehouse within the Economic Zone

Perfectly organized warehouse area significantly facilitates and streamlines the customer service. It also favours the company activity intensification in that part of Europe. Since 2014 our warehouse area has been doubled. Currently we store as much as 1223 pallets with goods at the space of 2500 m2. How do we care for the quality, safe storage and supply of materials? We have a highly-motivated and experienced team, equipment for professional handling of goods at the 12-metre high warehouse, which allows us to store long products that even reach 6.5 metres (!). All elements with custom length are stored on special racks, while the forklift trucks adapted for transportation of large goods enable effective transport and packing.

Good location (less than 20 km from Budapest) allows for trouble-free travel to the warehouse and the customer. Every week a dozen trucks loaded with KAN products leave the warehouse and go to wholesale customers from heating and water industry in Central and Southern Europe.