KAN-therm: New packaging: more visible and easier to find
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New packaging: more visible and easier to find

The company's development does not only involve improvements to the offer by introducing new, innovative products, but also changes that facilitate the daily work of our clients and partners. That is why this year we are modernizing the way of labeling KAN-therm product packaging. Now you can easily locate them on the shelf and quickly identify and select other products from the KAN-therm family.

The first changes mainly concern the visual aspect. However, in addition, we have also improved our cardboard boxes for fittings - now they are closed from above and although they have different dimensions, they remain unchanged by volume. Soon, we also plan to modernize the bags in which are products are packed.


New corporate packaging means:

  • Visibility. The characteristic blue strip with the company logo is now darker, almost dark blue. Reinforced the colour on packaging resulted in a more distinctive character. Thus,  KAN-therm products will be now more visible in self-service shops and at trade partners' facilities.

  • Recognisability. Our logo on the blue strip is now placed on each side of the package, which makes it visible, no matter how the goods are arranged on a shelf. Both wholesalers and individual customers will locate products from KAN-therm family on the shelf easier— the logo and the new shade are visible on each side of the cardboard packaging.

  • Versatility. We have applied new visual communication both to the previously used cartons and for the packaging line of the latest system — System KAN-therm Ultraline.

New system – new packaging.

Why do we distinguish System KAN-therm UltraLine?

System KAN-therm UltraLine is a solution summarizing the 30 years of KAN-therm history. It stands out for its multifunctionality and original, modern design. System KAN-therm UltraLine packaging differs from the standard printing on the entire surface of the carton packaging with the grey inscription 'System KAN-therm' and with the name 'UltraLine' under the company logo.


This year we are modernizing also:

  • KAN-therm bags — we introduce marking similar to that on cartons: a blue strip with a logo, and in System KAN-therm UltraLine bags, additionally, an oblique inscription System KAN-therm and system name. There will also be a standard label on the bags.



What remains unchanged?

Since the beginning of our activity we pay attention to the ecological aspect of the production and the packaging itself. This will not change.

We will continue packing our products in high quality boxes made of grey corrugated cardboard, which meets the strictest recycling standards. Our boxes are manufactured from material that is repeatedly recycled in more than 80%. The paints used for their marking are waterborne and biodegradable.