KAN-therm: KAN-therm in IPA's Pune Plumbing League, India
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KAN-therm in IPA's Pune Plumbing League, India

KAN Group took part as a title sponsor in the 5th training session of the Pune Plumbing League 2017 organized by IPA Pune Chapter on 7th October 2017. All the advantages of our systems were presented by Akash Yadav, technical advisor.
What is the Indian Plumbing Association? 
The Indian Plumbing Association (IPA), established in 1993, is the apex body of plumbing professionals in the country. Set up with an objective to promote advancements in plumbing and the building service industry, IPA has successfully created a forum for exchange of ideas and dissemination of information amongst its members. As a member of the World Plumbing Council, it encourages its members to achieve and maintain high standards of workmanship.
Who are the members of IPA?
IPA’s membership includes architects, builders, plumbing consultants, plumbing contractors, plumbing product manufacturers, traders and planners. IPA also conducts conferences and exhibitions throughout India and publishes the monthly magazine Indian Plumbing Today. The idea is to make local plumbing professionals aware of issues, problems and prospects in the industry. IPA along with IAPMO India has succeeded in creating awareness about the need for safe plumbing, and is now ready to assist the Indian professionals with improving their skills and expertise.
Plumbing Quiz
PLUMBING QUIZ in Pune is organised to bring stakeholders like educational institutes, contractors, manufacturers and users on one platform to increase awareness of Good Plumbing for Good Health. Various developers from Pune have selected teams of two players to participate in the quiz. The attendands will be given detailed training on the plumbing products and codes on which the quiz shall be based on.
The advantages of the quiz are:
to increase awareness of best practices in plumbing,
to give knowledge on latest trends / products in plumbing,
to lead to improvement in planning and quality of plumbing systems,
to give network opportunity to recognise all the stakeholders in plumbing industry