KAN-therm: The KAN-therm System new installation cabinets
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The KAN-therm System new installation cabinets

The highest quality, modern production engineering, aesthetics and prestige which cannot be compared to any product of this kind - all these characterize our new installation cabinets of the KAN-therm System:

• wall-mounted and in-wall-mounted cabinets for manifolds in central (traditional with radiators) or floor heating. 
• Simple and compact or extended with an option to regulate the height and depth, as well as the place to mount automatic       control elements. 
This is, in short, the offer of the KAN-therm System installation cabinets which is one of the most necessary and popular components of a full heating system and a tap water system.
They are offered by many producers, both those big and well-known internationally as well as smaller and local ones. It would seem that all products of this type are very similar, in terms of design, functionality and quality - but is it true? It turns out it is not, which is distinctly proved by the new versions of the KAN-therm System installation cabinets.
New production technology and even better aesthetics of the final product.
Thanks to development and implementation of a new technology for the cabinets production, their exterior, which is so important to the end customer, has been considerably changed.
In the new version of wall-mounted and in-wall-mounted cabinets of KAN-therm, housing body will be one compact and monolithic construction. It means that the final product does not have distinct connection points (welds) of individual components of the cabinet. 
     An old wall-mounted cabinet  A new wall-mounted cabinet - aesthetic corner An old in-wall-mounted cabinet A new in-wall-mounted cabinet - aesthetic, full corner
A catch in the rear side of the cabinet, used to mount the manifold, will be made directly in the cabinet body, by making an appropriate cut and then profiling it.
With this change the final product will look more attractive at points of welding the manifold catch to the rear side of the cabinet.



Old wall-mounted and in-wall-mounted cabinets

New wall-mounted and in-wall-mounted cabinets- manifold catch in the rear side of the cabinet
New technology of the manifold catch and the monolithic design of cabinet body increased the aesthetics both of the front and interior of installation cabinets and their backs. 
The back side of the wall-mounted cabinets (old version - left, new version - right) 
To make it easier to mount manifolds in both versions of cabinets (wall-mounted and in-wall-mounted), the length of the catch was unified. Each upper catch will be extended, so that the length of its side edge from the side of the cabinet is about 18mm for in-wall-mounted cabinets and about 47mm for wall-mounted cabinets.
Easy to assemble and aesthetic masking cover in wall-mounted cabinets

A masking cover is an irreplaceable component of wall-mounted cabinets. It enables you to connect pipes to the manifold mounted in the cabinet.
In the old version of the wall-mounted cabinets, the masking cover was screwed down to the cabinet.

In the new design there is a special catch (in the inside part of the masking cover) which enables to mount it in a nice-looking way to the cabinet body. 
It has eliminated not the most aesthetic effect of mounting the masking cover with screws.
Below you can find the example of a complete cabinet before and after of how the mounting the lower masking has been covered.
The only installation cabinets available on the market with a protection of the paint coating

All painted surfaces, in wall and in-wall-mounted cabinets of the KAN-therm System will be additionally covered with a thin foil. Such a finish of cabinets will protect them from possible damage to the paint coating or its irreparable pollution during construction and installation works.
After completing all the works the protective foil should be removed from all sides, showing its new, unscratched and clean surface.

Elegant, discreet labelling of the cabinets means prestige of the product you use

All of the System KAN-therm cabinets are labeled with a discreet logo in the upper right corner of the cabinet's door made with the laser marking techniques. 
The KAN-therm System guarantees you a top quality product, made with the most modern production technologies.
The logo on the cabinet's door will focus our customers' attention on this prestigious solution of the investment.