KAN-therm: Universal PPSU Eurocone Adapter


Universal PPSU Eurocone Adapter

We would like to inform that we have extended application range of the new PPSU Eurocone adapter. 
According to the new recommendations, PPSU Eurocone adapter may be used to connect uniform PE-Xc, PE-RT, PE-RT Blue Floor and multilayer PE-RT/Al/PE-RT 16x2 mm pipes.
In the KAN-therm System catalogue, the element will be available under the name „Universal PPSU Eurocone Adapter” for KAN-therm System pipes.
This item will be described with an additional note: "Element cooperates with the pipes of the KAN-therm System: PE-Xc, PE-RT, PE-RT Blue Floor and multilayer PE-RT/Al/PE-RT."
In the case of universal assembly of the PPSU Eurocone adapter with KAN-therm system pipes, the same rule applies as for standard multi-layer Eurocone Adapter, e.g. for easier assembly (insertion of the Eurocone body into the pipe), chamfering is recommended on the inner surface of the pipe end.