KAN-therm: Heating and cooling installations
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Heating and cooling installations


KAN-therm system offers the range of technical solutions for water heating systems in a form of installation systems, which vary with the type of pipes and tube couplings and with the way of joining them. Thanks to the variety of solutions, it is possible to perform any heating installation:

  • for the single family and multi-family residential buildings and also for public and industrial buildings,
  • for work parameters of the installation (heating and cooling installations),
  • to perform both distribution levels and plumb line as well as distribution cables,
  • for open and closed heating systems,
  • for different systems of installation distribution (distributive, pipe tees, mixed),
  • for new and modernized installations (replacement),
  • for different ways of radiator piping up.


Depending on the installation type, work parameters, type of heat source and the object construction and nature, the system KAN-therm offers the following solutions to assemble the heating installation:

Please check what type of a KAN-therm system you can use for your heating system.