KAN-therm: Cold and hot tap water systems
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Cold and hot tap water systems

KAN-therm systems due to their high anticorrosive properties, chemical neutrality and microbiological neutrality as well as thanks to their wide diameter range are perfectly fit for laying domestic water supply systems.

They can be used for:

  • single-family houses and apartment buildings, public and industrial buildings,
  • cold and hot tap water systems for water of a different quality and within a wide range of working pressures,
  • distribution risers and distribution horizontal branches as well as apartment distribution branches,
  • various distribution systems (distributor-based, tee-systems, mixed systems),
  • all configurations of approach branches to water supply system elements, taps (mixer taps, water meters etc.),
  • new and modernised systems (replacements).


Systems, which can be used for domestic water supply systems: