KAN-therm: Technological and industrial systems
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Technological and industrial systems

KAN-therm pipe systems are dedicated first of all for typical water supply systems and heating systems, however, due to their resistance and high quality of a pipe and fitting material, a wide range of diameters and reliability and fast technology of making connections they can be successfully used for industrial applications from refrigeration and compressed air systems to industrial systems. 
Unlike in case of standard applications (working parameters for these systems are specified by proper standards) in industrial process systems working conditions can vary and working parameters can be non-typical. As media, their composition, often extreme temperatures and pressures vary, every case of using KAN-therm pipes and fittings for such applications must be considered individually. 

Possible use of the KAN-therm system in installations*
KAN-therm system designation

KAN-therm Push

KAN-therm PP KAN-therm Steel KAN-therm Inox

Range of diameters

12-32 16-63 16-110 12-108 15-168,3
tap water
heating (class 4 and 5)
water steam
process heat 
solar systems
compressed air
technical gases
technical oils 

* This table is only informative. 

 standard application

 possible use – check conditions!

In case of every non-typical application, check the conditions under which the KAN-therm products will be used. Check it on the basis of available technical information and the opinion of the KAN Tech Dept.
A form-inquiry on resistance of the system elements, taking into account the basic working parameters of such an installation, helps you to define these conditions and to effectively evaluate if this system can be used. On the basis of received data one can quickly and effectively start the procedure of acceptance if this KAN-system can be used to construct a given system.