KAN-therm: Underfloor heating and cooling systems
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Underfloor heating and cooling systems

KAN Company, a manufacturer of KAN-therm System has been promoting modern and user-friendly heating and cooling installations for many years. The built of heating and cooling underfloor installation within KAN-therm is very simple. Large selection of design solutions, wide range of installation accessories (distributors, installation boxes, plumbing and automation components) allows for precise customization of installation, depending on the characteristics of the project.


Floor and wall heating of the KAN-therm System is a heating system where most of the heat is radiated. The heat penetrates the wall pipe, next passes thru the concrete layer, which acts as a heating plate, then passes thru sheet flooring and is given up to the environment.


KAN-therm underfloor heating  became very popular with investors all over the world. They are successfully used in one-family houses (living spaces and bathrooms), in flat blocks, churches, sports facilities, stadiums, public and industrial buildings.


The underfloor heating and cooling System also proved to be an ideal solution for maintaining an appropriate thermal comfort in the building industries:

  • church building;
  • public facilities (sports halls, exhibition halls);
  • industrial;