KAN-therm: 2015
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New products on KAN-therm offer:

25 years of experience in production, assembly and operation of the System KAN-therm Push gave us solid grounds for implementation of unique “at the same time” 
expanding heads for PE-RT and PE-Xc pipes.
Speed and convenience – unique 8-sectional head design allows to expand PE-RT and PE-Xc pipes in one stage and greatly speeds up assembly of PUSH joints and makes it more convenient.
Universality – new heads are fully compatible with already existing expanding tools.
Reliability and durability – new heads are made of higher quality structural steel and thus more resistant to mechanical damages even in the most extreme conditions.
Full identification of diameters – every head has wide color ring with clearly seen diameter. Such marking eliminates the risk of errors on construction sites and in warehouse (previously, diameter marking was engraved on the head top and that posed a risk of errors in low light conditions).

New heads are available in a catalogue „in bulk” or in a set. Set includes new heads with one step function for diameters 14 – 32 mm (without heads for diameter 12x2) and ergonomic, plastic packaging resistant to difficult construction conditions.

„One step” functionality is available for diameters 14-32 mm.
  • Assembly – expansion at the same time for quicker and easier assembly.
  • Easier and quicker identification of diameters with colour coding (colour marking of connectors and tools).
  • New, innovative, 8-segment design of the heads.
  • New enhanced thermal treatment technology used in manufacturing of the heads.
  • The set is provided in practical and ergonomic packaging suitable for construction site conditions.

Function of diameter identification has been introduced also for all tool inserts.



Novelties on KAN-therm Press:

Multilayer pipes in thermal insulation


We continue the process of offer extension of multilayer pipes in 6 mm insulation:


„U” shape wallplate elbow and rubber acoustic muffler:



Polymer Eurocone adapter for multilayer PE-RT/Al/PE-RT pipes:

around 30% cheaper than brass equivalent,
100% functional replacement for brass equivalent,
the same assembly technique,
the same operating parameters,
Element available on stock.


Novelties on KAN-therm PP:


PP-R saddle fittings with Push connector


Tools set for saddle fittings montage:

Possibility of creation of individual heating systems acc. to investment specification:


Novelties on
KAN-therm Underfloor Heating:


New mixing unit with three-way mixing thermostatic valve:

•temperature pre-set range 20-43 °C
•optimal cooperation with low temperature heating sources










New, more condensed concrete additive BETOKAN (New Formula):

• increased efficiency and better performance,
• 2 to 4 times smaller doses compared to older BETOKAN,
• Dosage 0,25% – 0,6% of cement weight (average 200 ml / 50 kg cement),
• resistant to freezing – in case of freezing just defrost, shake and mix until reaching homogenous consistency,
• multi language labels (PL/RU/ENG)
• available after old version stock ends. 



Underfloor heating – 73A & 77A series manifolds


Due to ErP directive, we change availability status of 73A & 77A series manifolds with standard 3 gear pumps for different markets:

• over UE markets elements will be available till 31.07.2015,
• outside UE markets elements will be available as before.

Due to ErP directive, new 73E & 77E series manifolds are equipped with energy efficient electronically modulated pumps (Wilo Yonos Para RKA 25/6).

Underfloor heating –  stainless steel manifolds

Manifolds have following characteristics:

• beams from stainless steel,  profile 1 1/4”,
• connection GW 1”,
• each beam has air vent and drain vent at the last circuit (10 –circuit manifold has the beam length the same as 11 -circuit manifold),
• each beam has plug on the right side of the manifold,
• each manifold has two galvanized steel clamps with inserts damping vibration,
• output for particular heating circuits in the form of male nipples ¾” with spacing of 50 mm,
• upper beam with valves for actuators with thread M30x1,5 mm,
• lower beam has flowmeters 0 – 2,5 l/min
•beams marked with arrows – NOTE: supply beam is LOWER beam!


System KAN-therm Tacker clips:

• Change of packaging of clips on tape, code 22022S from 25/875 to 50/1000,
• Change of packaging of short clips on tape, code K-200601 from 50/any to 50/1000,
• For all above mentioned Tacker clips catalogue price was changed  – all prices are given for 1 piece.