KAN-therm: KAN-therm collector
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KAN-therm collector

KAN-therm supply and return collector

As a standard collectors are laid along the longer side of a heated surface. They are laid with PE-pipes – dia. 160-180 mm, however, laying a collector along the shorter side is also possible.
Collector sections are interconnected by butt-welding with electro-resistance connectors.
Branches from a collector to heating pipes are made as pipe sections welded with the collector and spaced at distances resulting from the system design.


Collectors are made to an individual technical documentation on a site or delivered as prefabricated ready segments.
To ensure a uniform flow distribution of the medium in heating coils the Tichelman system of supplying individual loops is applied by way of an appropriate designing of collectors.

Heating loops are connected with the collector branches with connectors with the KAN-therm Push pushed on rings.
Collectors can be insulated or laid directly within a sports field (4) (they, as such, are a heating element).
In case of smaller external surface heating systems distributors for KAN-therm surface heating can be used (link to „Distributors for KAN-therm surface heating)