KAN-therm: KAN-therm PP Green System
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KAN-therm PP Green System

System Description:

KAN-therm PP Green System is a complete installation system consisting of pipes and fittings of a thermoplastic polypropylene PP-R
(type 3 / type 4) within a range of diameters
20-200 mm.

Purpose of the system:

System elements are connected by muff-welding (thermal polyfusion) or electrofusons welding with the use of electric welders. The welding technology, thanks to uniform connections, guarantees an exceptional leak-tightness and mechanical strength of a system. The system is designed for internal water supply and cooling systems (hot and cold tap water) and for production process industrial systems.


System advantages: 

  • highly septic products (microbiological and physiological neutrality) – important for potable water systems
  • high chemical resistance – possible use for industrial applications
  • resistance to material corrosion, long operational life – therefore long system life
  • low thermal conductivity (thermal insulation of pipes) – due to it low cost of thermal insulation
  • low specific weight – easy transport and assembly
  • resistance to limestone accumulation – important for high mineralised water
  • vibration and flow noise damping – comfort with a running system
  • mechanical strength – possible laying of surface mounted systems and at places difficult to access
  • uniform connections – sure leak-tightness and longevity of connections