KAN-therm: KAN-therm Push Platinum System
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KAN-therm Push Platinum System

System Description:

KAN-therm Push Platinum is a complete installation system consisting of multi-layer pipes PE-Xc/Al/PE-HD Platinum and plastic fittings PPSU and brass fittings KAN-therm Push, with the scope of diameters 14-32 mm.

Purpose of the system:

The system is designed to be used in internal water supply system (hot and cold tap water) and heating installations.

Non-o-ring and leak proof connections in KAN-therm Push Platinum System are obtained by putting brass ring on the coupling and the pipe. This technique does not require any additional sealing and guarantees ideal installation tightness and durability.


System Adventages:

  • over 50-years operation durability
  • high temperature and pressure resistance of the material of tubes and fittings
  • very smooth internal surface of tubes and fittings, resistance to lime-scale accumulation.
  • low pressure drop at connections ensuring a very low flow resistance in a system.
  • domestic water supply system is physiologically and microbiologically neutral, environment-friendly materials
  • versatile construction of tubes, which can be used in heating systems and water supply systems
  • fast and simple assembly with simple tools limiting possible assembly errors.
  • practically all the surface of a connector and a pipe is sealed, no other seals e.g. O-rings are necessary
  • low weight and good appearance of the installation
  • rich offer of elements for connection to radiators as well as heating and water solutions tapware