KAN-therm: KAN-therm Tacker System
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KAN-therm Tacker System

KAN-therm Tacker is a complete system designed to build heating and cooling underfloor installations.

In the KAN-therm Tacker System pipes are fastened to the KAN-therm styrofoam with a foil with special staples with a tacker. This is a wet method of laying a heating system, with which 50 mm thick styrofoam plates can be used, which significantly reduce the tacking and assembly time.










Components of the KAN-therm Tacker System floor heating:

  • styrofoam with a foil in sheets – thickness 20 mm, 30 mm and 50 mm,


  • plastic – PE, PE-Xc, PE-RT, BlueFloor PERT pipes or multi-layer PE-RT/Al/PE-HD, PE-RT/Al/PE-RT pipes, Ø12 - Ø20 mm,

  • edge band with an incision or with incision and a foil apron,

  • pipe fastening staples- delivered single or as press-welded packs,

  • stapler to drive staples; standard staples or short staples,

  • plasticizer BETOKAN or BETOKAN Plus for concrete,

  • distributors and pumping groups for surface heating,

  • installation boxes: surface mounted, concealed or for cladding with glazed tiles.

Assembly of KAN-therm Tacker System floor heating:

1. The first step is to lay the wall along construction partitions of a room.

2. Next we lay the styrofoam with foil so that it overlaps on the adjacent styrofoam sheets.












3. Individual styrofoam sheets shall be joined with an adhesive tape for a better insulation on the screed side. Identically proceed with the foil on the edge tape. Spread the foil on the styrofoam and join with the adhesive tape.

4. The next step is to fasten pipes with staples to the styrofoam using a tacker. A special overprint on the tape serves to correctly lay pipes according at a right spacing.












After laying pipes, connecting them to a distributor and after the pressure test you can start pouring a floor with a concrete with addition of the BETOKAN or BETOKAN Plus plasticizer (depending on the floor thickness).