KAN-therm: KAN-therm System automatic control
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KAN-therm System automatic control

Presently an automatic control, even the most simple one, counts as an indispensable element of heating systems (mounted in single family houses, blocks of apartments, public houses and industrial buildings) and as well of all types of internal surface heating.

Diversity of technical solutions for the heating technology and in first line solutions of very commonly used mixed heating systems, e.g. a surface heating combined with a conventional radiator heating, despite many advantages, without proper control elements, can lead to a substantial discomfort. Usually this discomfort is caused by overheating, underheating or not a uniform temperature in individual spaces.

Without a correctly configured automatic control controlling individual heating systems can cause significant heat losses (overheated rooms), therefore an increase in the operation cost of a heating system.

The KAN-therm System offer of surface heating automatic control allows to optimise a heating system depending on local requirements by selection of appropriate devices, elements etc.

There are two versions of the KAN-therm surface heating automatic control available:


  • electric strips and thermostats – version Basic

Basic automatic control elements are available exclusively as conductor version.

KAN-therm Automation System configuration: