KAN-therm: KAN-therm manifolds
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KAN-therm manifolds

The main regulation purpose of a surface heating is to equalize the resistance of flow in individual coils in order to achieve an even distribution of the flowing water.

Such a regulation can be effected by:

  • regulation valves on the lower strip of a distributor series 51A, 71A,

  • regulation—measuring valves (flow meters) on the lower strip of a distributor - series 55A and 75A.

Surface heating is a system operating on low parameters. The max supply temperature shall not exceed 55°C. Therefore in case of supplying a surface heating from the same source as traditional radiators local or central mixing sets shall be used.

Central mixing groups are used when a surface heating is planned at several storeys of a building. Mostly such groups are situated in a boiler room, close to a boiler.

Local mixing sets: are used in case a surface heating is planned within one storey. These sets shall be installed in installation boxes, close to a heating installation.

A distributor of 73A and 77A series connected directly to a heating installation serves as a local mixer. A thermostatic head with a capillary tube serves as a protection against a possible temperature rise. It can be adjusted down to from 55°C.