KAN-therm: KAN-therm pipes
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KAN-therm pipes

The KAN-therm System for floor and wall heating offers a very wide assortment of pipes, both in terms of diameters and types. This allows selecting a best technical and cost-effective solution, which satisfied all customers’ requirements.

For construction of a KAN-therm floor heating two kinds of plastic pipes can be used: PE-Xc, PE-RT and BlueFloor PERT as well as BlueFloor PERT pipes with an anti-diffusion barrier or multi-layer PE-RT/Al/PE-HD pipes or PE-RT/Al/PE-RT pipes with an aluminium insert.

Depending on the required heat capacity of a floor heating system we use pipes of a diameter between Ø12 and 26 mm.

For a wall heating system Ø12 – 14 mm pipes covered with a special plaster are used.

Pipes are available in coils 100-600 m or on drums 600-1000 m, depending on the pipe diameter.

Uncoiling pipes from 600 m coils or drums allows you to form heating coils fast and easy without turning them around their axis. Turning pipes around the axis causes tensions and a tendency of a pipe to separate from a substrate therefore forces to make it fast to the substrate must be higher.

For easy laying/mounting pipes delivered in large coils or on large drums the KAN-therm System offers also special tooling like a pipe uncoiler or a stand for pipes on drums.