KAN-therm: KAN-therm WALL System - the dry method New!!!
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KAN-therm WALL System - the dry method New!!!

System KAN-therm Wall Heating in the dry method allows you to construct the installation in a very short time. Prefabricated panels with embedded polybutylene  heating pipe with of 8x1 mm diameter, is placed directly on the wall structure. 
Thanks to the system connectors of "Click" type the risk of leaks at the plant is minimized and the possibility of any configuration of the heating plates is guaranteed. 
The system is suitable for use both in traditional constructions (brick, concrete) and the frame constructions or timber. A wide range of dimensions of boards and their performance allows the installation of both large and small surfaces such as walls fitted with a window or door openings. 
Selected places of pipes sinking protect them from accidental damage during the installation. Shortly after fixing the heating plates and execution of hydraulic connections it is possible to finish the final plates using the available wall coverings like paint, wallpaper, ceramic plates, etc..


  • Savings on heating costs.
  • Heat transfer by pleasant radiation, no convection, dust and allergens circulation.
  • Pleasantly warm walls and uniform temperature distribution over the entire room height.
  • Sufficient room air temperature from 16 degrees providing thermal comfort.
  • The aesthetic look of the room devoid of radiators and smudges of dust on the walls.
  • Healthy microclimate, wall heating does not cause adverse air ionization.
  • Large capability of auto-adjusting, increase of temperature in the room reduces the heat transfer through the wall, which results in additional savings in energy consumption.
  • Low inertia allowing for easy adjustment.
  • The coils can be used in the summer as a cooling system.
  • Low temperature of water in the installation allows the use of non-conventional sources of heat.
  • The minimum thickness of the build over - from 15 mm.
  • Perfect for new and renovated buildings.