KAN-therm: Pipes
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KAN-therm System for surface heating and cooling installations provides a very wide range of pipes both in terms of diameters and types. This allows to select the solutions technically and economically, meeting all the requirements of customers.
For the construction of surface heating and cooling installation in KAN-therm System you can use two types of plastic pipes: polybutylene PB pipes and polyethylene PE-RT Ø 8 mm pipes.




The tubes are available in coils starting from 600m.
The use of pipes in 600m coils enables fast and easy formation of coils, without twisting in the axle. Twisting pipes in the axle increases tension, the tendency to moving away from the floor and increase in the forces needed for their attachment.

In order to facilitate the installation of pipes in large rolls, KAN-therm System also provides tools specially designed for this device such as decoilers.