KAN-therm: KAN-therm WALL System - the wet method New!!!
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KAN-therm WALL System - the wet method New!!!

A novelty in the offer are polybutylene PB KAN-therm pipes of 8x1 mm diameter which, thanks to its slim design allow a further reduction of the required mortars thickness. The new fastening system, ie. new plastic strips for pipes with a diameter of 8 mm and a special plastic leading arch provide a simple, easy and hassle-free installation. The specially designed  "Click" system of fittings for pipes PB 8 mm provide various methods of connection configuration.


  • Savings on heating costs.
  • Heat transfer by pleasant radiation, no convection, dust and allergens circulation.
  • Pleasantly warm walls and uniform temperature distribution over the entire room height.
  • Sufficient room air temperature from 16 degrees providing thermal comfort.
  • The aesthetic look of the room devoid of radiators and smudges of dust on the walls.
  • Healthy microclimate, wall heating does not cause adverse air ionization.
  • Large capability of auto-adjusting, increase of temperature in the room reduces the heat transfer through the wall, which results in additional savings in energy consumption.
  • Low inertia allowing for easy adjustment.
  • The coils can be used in the summer as a cooling system.
  • Low temperature of water in the installation allows the use of non-conventional sources of heat.
  • The minimum thickness of the build over - from 15 mm.
  • Perfect for new and renovated buildings.